News March/2019

New activities of the exhibition The great illusion

Within the framework of the exhibition The great illusion. Cinema in Badalona from 1898 to 1975, which has been extended until May 12th due to public success, the Museum has programmed new activities which we hope will arouse your interest.

Today is the opening of the exhibition dedicated to Enric Ortuño

The exhibition can be seen on the ground floor of the Museum. Free entrance.

Enric Sió. The cartoonist who broke molds on sale

The book is on sale in the Museum's store

The passada of Sant Antoni and Josep Cortinas

Les fotografies d’aquest àlbum són del fons de Josep Cortinas

Núria Casals distinguished with the 2019 Film-History award

The award ceremony will be given in a special session in the fall, at the Filmoteca de Catalunya