News May/2018

Badalona 1897-2017. Hundred and twenty years of the City.

The exhibition can be seen from July 1st to July 15th on the ground floor of the City Hall.

Old photographs at Dalt de la Vila

El Dalt de la Vila is the oldest neighborhood in Badalona and, in this album, we will see photographs of how it was before the thirties of the twentieth century.

A new edition of the Summer Nights of the Museum is coming

The tickets, which will cost 12 € (10 € for Friends of the Museum), can be purchased at the Museum.

Image Gallery: TUSA

TUSA (Transportes Urbanos, SA) these are the abreviations of the transport business most remembered in the city. Even it has become the "name" to refer to buses that make regular service to the population.