The neighborhood of Pomar celebrates 50 years

The exhibition will be opened on October 24th at 7 pm at the Casal CĂ­vic de Pomar.

Exhibition dedicated to Montalegre

The exhibition will be seen from October 19th to January 14th of 2018, and will be completed with a series of conferences who will approach us to several aspects of the Carthusians life as history, art, gastronomy or literature.

The Major Festivity is here

Have a great summer and a wonderful Major Festivity!

Gallery: Badalona 1897-2017. One hundred and twenty years of city

Gallery that commemorates the 120 anniversary of the concession of the city title to Badalona.

Gallery: The 1992 Olympic Games and Badalona

On July 25th of 1992 were inaugurated the Olympic Games of that year (officially Games of the XXV Olympiad), an event that lasted until August 9th. A little later, between the 3rd and the 14th of September, the IX Paralympic Games took place.