The Carthusian monastery of Montalegre. Images before the war

Taking advantage of the fact that on October 19th the Museum will open the exhibition Montalegre. Six centuries of carthusian silence  we invite you to see a gallery of photographs of this monastery.

The Museum will be closed on Tuesday 3rd October

Tuesday, October 3rd, the Museum will remain closed because it adds to the general strike summoned to the whole society as a response to the grave violation of rights and freedoms lived on Sunday, October 1st in Catalonia.

Works continue in the House of the Ivy

The Domus of the Ivy is a fundamental part to undestand the importance of the wine economy, the urban development of Baetulo, and to find that the great fortunes of the wealthy families of Baetulo had Its origin in the wineries.

The neighborhood of Pomar celebrates 50 years

The exhibition will be opened on October 24th at 7 pm at the Casal de la Gent Gran of Pomar