Ovid in Baetulo

In occasion of the 2000 years of the death of Ovid, the latin poet will have an special role during the Magna Celebratio. In addition, in the Museum you can see a thin-walled ceramic from ACO of the first century AD, decorated with the myth of Actaeon, the hunter who was dismembered by his own dogs after the goddess Diana transformed him into deer. The scene is accompanied by the sentences of Ovid's Metamorphoses.

The XIII Magna Celebratio is coming

This year the Magna Celebratio, the Roman festival of Badalona, reaches its 13th edition and offers a range of activities for adults and children that will have the historical recreations as protagonists.

The reenactment group invited to several festivals Romans

The reenactment group of Badalona, linked to the Museum, will be in several Roman festivals as the Mediterranean Triumvirate (Empúries, 6th and 7th May), Tarraco Viva (Tarragona 26th to 28th May) and Barcelona (17th and 18th June). There will be demonstrations of crafts such as spinning and weaving or fishing gear, and people will learn aspects of the daily life of the Romans, such as cooking and food preservation or writing.

Audio guides of the Roman baths and Decumanus

Audio guides can be used in four languages: Catalan, Spanish, French and English and are available to visitors for a price of 2 euros.

Cultural trip to Leon and the Médulas

Aquest any, del 12 al 15 d’octubre, el Museu proposa un viatge cultural a León, ciutat famosa per la seva magnífica catedral, i la zona de l’entorn, on es visitaran les restes arqueològiques de les Médulas, mines d’or a cel obert que s’explotaven en època romana, i que configuren un paisatge espectacular.

Reserva prèvia al Museu partir del 2 de maig. Imprescindible dipòsit de 25 €.