Magna Celebratio

This year the Magna Celebratio, the Roman festival of Badalona, reaches its 13th edition and offers a range of activities for adults and children that will have the historical recreations as protagonists. It offers activities related to the world of sport to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Olympic Games of Barcelona 1992, which had a Branch in Badalona. We will also remember the Latin poet Ovid (43-17 AD), one of the best known authors from Roman times, to commemorate 2000 years of his death.

The Olympic spirit in Roman times

The Romans adopted and assimilated many features of Greek culture in their own lifestyle, like the worship of gods of the Olympus. And precisely in the Greek city of Olympia was held every four years the prestigious Olympic Games, the winners of which received honors and glory. The Olympic spirit was also assumed by the Roman culture, with some differences. So while for Greek, sport was linked to personal effort, in the case of the Romans was more a leisure activity or a competition that turned into a real mass spectacle.

During this Magna Celebratio we can attend to the training sessions of the athletes to face a pentathlon, one of the toughest tests of Olympic sports. We will recreate also chariot races and we will know what were the rivalries between hobbies, competition rules and prizes for the winners.


We will offer workshops and demonstrations around two major works by this author: Ars Amandi, dedicated to the love and beauty tips, and Metamorphoses, a true masterpiece that describes the transformations in the mythological world.