Badalona, roman city

The roman city of Baetulo, wich is placed in the subsoil of the ancient neighbourhood, was founded in the 1st century BC and it existed until the 6th century AC. It occupied over 13 hectares, in an area near the sea with good agricultural potential. Former to Barcino, was one of the first foundations of the province Hispania Tarraconensis, and the classical authors P. Mela, C. Pliny and C. Ptolemy cite it. The archaeological site of Baetulo was declared Cultural Heritage Site of National Interest by the Generalitat de Catalunya in 1995.

The large number of Roman remains found in Badalona and the subsequent museumisation of some of the ancient Roman city spaces allow to make different routes around the roman city, complemented with a visit to the permanent exhibition : Badalona , Roman city