Old stores

from 19 de April to 09 de September de 2018

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 5 to 8 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm.

The human being, to cover his needs - even those that may seem superfluous-, has resorted to the exchange of goods and services since time immemorial. It will be, however, from the nineteenth century that, with industrialization and the growth of urban life, shops will expand and trade will start a golden age that is still maintained today.

In this exhibition we will see how the stores of Badalona were in the late nineteenth century and much of the twentieth century, when the relationship established between seller and buyer was very close, and when it had a very individualized personality that, in many cases, has been lost due to the appearance of large commercial chains.

The photographs of the exhibition are part of the Museum's Image File and, in many cases, have been ceded by people who have wanted to share them with us. Regarding the objects, they are also mainly, product of donations. For this reason, we would like to thank all those people who, with their generosity, have contributed to making this exhibition possible.

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