Opening the exhibition Bacchus, the masks of the god

Place: Museum of Badalona

Bacchus is the god of wine, theater and fertility. Equivalent to the Greek Dionysus, it also assumes ancient traditions and agglutinates other deities, such as the Liber Pater. Able to entrust rage, passion and frenzy, represents the most irrational aspects of human beings as opposed to the sense of order and of the measure embodied by Apollo.

The exhibition reveals the origins of the god - the last to join the Olympus - his exploits, the composition of his parade, his role in the origin of the theater, the elements that symbolize him and his evident character of domestic divinity.

The exhibition also underlines the relationship between Bacus and the Roman city of Baetulo, which, in addition to having a theater, had the main source of wealth in the cultivation of the vineyard and the production and commercialization of wine. Includes pieces from the Museum of Badalona, ​​some of exceptional quality, and about fifty objects from other Catalan museums, which show the rooting of this divinity in the society of the Roman period and which allow to discover all the masks of this polyhedral and complex God.


  • 28-03-2019 19:00
Free entrance