Opening of the exhibition Sex in the Roman period in the MAC

Place: Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia

Passeig de Santa Madrona, 39 - 41, 08038 Barcelona

The exhibition Sex in the Roman period, produced by the Museum of Badalona through Arqueoxarxa, arrives at the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia. It will be opened from June 21st to September 2nd.

The exhibition, for the adult audience, presents a set of pieces preserved in the catalan museums from the roman period. The set presents the sexual universe of ancient Rome from Republic to the fourth century: sex in marriage, different ways of making love, extramarital relations, the art of seduction, and the sexuality of gods.

This successfull exhibit has been already seen in all the museums of the Arqueoxarxa, in Catalonia, and also in the Oiasso Museum of Irun, in the Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology of Valencia and in the UAB.


  • 21-06-2018 19:00
Free entrance