Opening of the exhibit The end is the beginning

Place: Museum of Badalona

Exhibition produced by the Arqueoxarxa that presents a synthesis of the prehistoric burial practices in Catalonia, based on the sample of 300 objects from 20 Catalan museums.

It is an approach to our distant past through the rich material culture that has survived from prehistoric times in Catalonia. In addition to the interest that burial practices have by themselves, they are a mirror of the living world, reflecting aspects such cultural changes, the relationship of our ancestors with their environment, contacts and exchanges, the beliefs, the Symbolism ... The exhibition includes information and unique objects found recently, like the remains of the Sagrera of Barcelona; the burials from Can Sadurní in Begues; news of the necropolis from Vallès and Penedès, the mine tombs in Gava, the megalithic tomb of Seró (La Noguera), the cave of Montanisell, and others.


  • 27-04-2017 19:30
Free entrance