Memory and Francoist repression

Place: Museum of Badalona

Within the program of historical memory, there will be an act of homage to some families who suffered especially the Francoist repression, in which different points of view will be shared. Ricard Vinyes (Professor of History of the UB and Commissioner of Memory Programs of the City Council of Barcelona) will speak of the historic memory as a public policy of the city; Anna Miñarro (clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst,  co-director of research Psychic Trauma and intergenerational transmission) will deal with the psychological effects of pro-Franco repression through generations; and Araceli Pena Sanz (granddaughter of Alfonso Sanz, who disappeared after being killed in 1947 in the mountains of Sierra Morena) will share the experience of the repression suffered by his family.

M. Dolors Sabater, Mayor of Badalona, ​​will close the event and then a short recital of poetry and musical performances will take place, by Dolors and Araceli Sanz and the Societat Coral la Badalonense.


  • 12-12-2017 19:00
Free entrance