The tabula of Baetulo and the tesserae and tábulas of hospitality and patronage of the Iberian peninsula

Place: Museum of Badalona

Pl. Assemblea de Catalunya, 1. Badalona 08911

The Hospitium (hospitality) and patronatus (patronage) played a key role in the structuring of the relationships between individuals and cities in Roman times. The Badalona tabula is an inscription of great importance to know both institutions. In order to better understand this remarkable document, we will explore some of the inscriptions related to the signing of hospitality and patronage agreements that the Iberian peninsula has provided, taking into account not only those made on bronze, typical of the imperial era , but also the small hospitality tesserae characteristic of the Republican era, written both in Latin and Celtic languages.

By Borja Díaz Ariño, Researcher Ramón y Cajal, Department of Sciences of Antiquity, University of Zaragoza


  • 26-04-2018 19:00
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