Introducing the beer Celia

Place: Museum of Badalona

Pl. Assemblea de Catalunya, 1. Badalona 08911

One more year we will enter into this world of historical beers by the hand of the brewery  4 pedres, this time we will talk about beer in Hispania, from its origins to the moment of contact with the Roman world .

Celia is the name that gives the beer the classic authors who narrate the siege that Publius Cornelius Escipio Aemilianus made in the city of Numancia, where they say that the last day, the Hispanics drank beer and after that, they were sent to the suicidal final battle. We can know all this and many more details thanks to some recent archaeological finds in different places of the Iberian peninsula.


  • 26-04-2018 20:30
Free entrance