Activities October/2018

03 de October de 2018 (19:00)

The most outstanding meteorological phenomena in the last 50 years in Badalona

The lecture will take place in the Auditorium of the Museum

04 de October de 2018 (19:00)

Lecture: Philological conversations on the tram

By Sílvia Soler, journalist and writer.

07 de October de 2018 (11:00)

Guided tour: monastery of Sant Jeroni de la Murtra

Pre-inscription must be done in the Museum.

09 de October de 2018 (19:00)

Opening of the exhibition Llorenç Brunet. The draws of war 1914-1918

The exhibition will be completed with a series of lectures devoted to the First World War.

10 de October de 2018 (19:00)

Lecture: Cuba and Badalona

On the occasion of the 120 years of the independence of Cuba