28 de April de 2017 (19:00)

From Olimpus to Baetulo. The Greek olimpic spirit and his legacy in Rome

By Clara Forn, archaeologist from the Museum of Badalona and Alberto Perez-Aragón, historian and director of the Center for Olympic Studies Samaranch.

28 de April de 2017 (20:30)

Introducing the beer Caledonia, the drink of the Picts

In the framework of the XIII Magna Celebratio arrives the new historic beer creation of David Moya, owner of the brewery 4 Pedres of Badalona and expert in recreating ancient beers, in collaboration with La Cervesera Artesana.

29 de April de 2017 (11:00)

Roman Festival of Badalona, Magna Celebratio

Another year comes the Magna, a must for all the fans of Roman times. The last weekend of April you have a new opportunity to enjoy the historical reconstructions and recreations that will fill the surroundings of the museum.

29 de April de 2017 (11:00)

Stadium. The Olympic Games in Antiquity

On Saturday, from 11 am to 2 pm and from 5 to 8 pm, we will discover some Olympic disciplines as long jump with weights, javelin and disc throw, running with weapons and fighting, boxing and Pancrase fighting.

Presented by Act Combats Historiques.

29 de April de 2017 (11:00)

Schola Gladiatoria

We will see the training of the gladiators and we'll discover how they prepared themselves for the fight. By Jano Reproducciones históricas.